Uncontested Divorce Calgary

You can achieve a fair, respectful and sensible divorce

Uncontested Divorce is a mutual agreement where both parties agree to the terms with minimal arguments or negotiations. It is settled quietly, away from the courtroom and costs significantly less than a contested divorce.

A divorce does not have to be contentious and destructive. Calgary family law lawyer, Beryl McNeill offers clients a more efficient approach that preserves both personal and monetary assets when they file for divorce or decide to separate.

McNeill Family Law Calgary will provide you with guidance on how to:

  • Minimize the emotional and financial costs that are often associated with divorce
  • Address the financial issues arising from your impending desk divorce
  • Attend to the issues relating to your children such as how you and your spouse will co-parent your children after you have separated and divorced
  • Connect you with trained child specialists for guidance or assistance relating to issues that might impact your children during your claim for divorce
  • Connect you with trained divorce coaches for assistance with managing non- effective communication and other patterns that you and your spouse might have as you attempt to negotiate an amicable resolution to your claim for divorce;
  • Connect you with trained financial specialists for assistance with financial and tax matters that might be associated with your separation and divorce.

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