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Receiving Spousal Support in Calgary, Alberta

Many people going through divorce are concerned about their future. Divorcing couples want to know how much support they will either receive or have to give and for how long. The law makes various provisions relating to when one might be obligated to pay spousal support; and when one might be entitled to receive spousal support. As you and your spouse are sorting out the details of your separation, this is important information that you need to know. However, knowing legal rights and entitlements does not assist a couple in addressing underlying questions when they are separating, such as:

  • How do we separate out our finances in a way that is fair and equitable?
  • How are we going to have enough to live on when we have two separate households?
  • How do we ensure that our family’s specific needs and concerns are met?
  • How can we divide our finances in a smart and effective way?
  • How does the division of finances and spousal support interface with the division of property?

As you can see, there may be many factors to consider when determining how you are going to divide your finances, in addition to knowing what your legal entitlement and/or obligation to spousal support might be.

View a legal summary of the law relating to spousal support in Alberta

Each case requires an individual assessment.

Beryl McNeill has extensive experience with assisting clients to find answers to the above questions. She will provide you with sophisticated advice on how the law applies to your individual situation. As a trained collaborative divorce lawyer, Beryl brings together a team of experts to develop a strategy for each client’s unique situation. Her goal is to help clients divide finances in a way that addresses their specific needs and concerns, so that they can move forward with a smart, sound financial plan.

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