Divorce Mediation Flat Fee Resource Package

Choosing Divorce Mediation

McNeill Family Law advocates a family-centred mediation process where an impartial mediator helps the participants in negotiating a consensual, informed and fair agreement.

There are many different ways that mediation may be structured. Therefore, you and your partner can attend mediation with or without a family law lawyer present. Furthermore, mediation is not Arbitration. Arbitration is a process where an arbitrator is appointed by a contract to make your decisions for you. Therefore, an arbitrator functions as a privately paid judge.

Beryl McNeill is an exceptionally skilled and experienced family lawyer, conflict coach and mediator. When you hire Beryl as your mediator, she will act as a neutral wise guide to help you and your partner manage your conflict and reach a smart legal separation agreement specifically tailored to meet your and your family’s needs. Contact McNeill Family Law today to find out more.

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There are many different issues that you may have to sort out such as:

  • How do we create a parenting plan that works for us and minimizes damage to our children?
  • How do we divide our property and assets in a smart cost-effective way?
  • How do we manage our bills and separate out our finances as we navigate our separation?
  • At McNeill Family Law, we’re proud to offer both in-person and virtual (online) mediation services.

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Divorce Mediation Flat Fee Resource Package

This package is an innovative and cost-effective way to equip you with the tools you need to successfully navigate divorce and provide you with the support you need to reach a successful outcome.

We have been working with an innovative lawyer who has developed Our Family in Two Homes workbook and we are excited to share this wonderful resource with clients who have children and are separating.

The resource package allows you to work on the pieces that you can on your own time with a guided resource, while also having guidance from Beryl McNeill to help you with the places where you get stuck.

Click Here To Learn About Our Family In Two Homes Resource Book Options.

Our Family In Two Homes mediation workbook

Divorce Mediation Flat Fee Package

How does our Divorce Mediation Flat Fee Package work?


You and your spouse will each receive workbooks (in hard copy) which is an essential tool to assist you prepare for the discussions you’ll have during your mediation. The workbook contains basic legal information and concepts, such as child support, spousal support and parenting time. Additionally, it has a guide for you to consider the important decisions you need to make in preparation for your divorce mediation and common issues that arise such as communication styles, money management, values, raising children, and so much more.


Beryl McNeill as your mediator will work with each of you separately (generally 1 hour with each of you). You will receive some guided emails as you work through the workbook. Furthermore, during the private meetings with Beryl, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the mediation process and ensure that your unique needs are taken into account during your mediation.


After you have completed your separate individual sessions with Beryl, you and your spouse will attend a joint mediation session.

With our Divorce Mediation Flat Fee Package, you can move forward with confidence, knowing that you have the support you need to create a brighter future for yourself and your family.

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Choose Between 2 Different Workbook Options

The workbooks that we use in our mediation service will help you address key issues that often arise during divorce, such as: communication styles, money management, values, raising children, blending families, pets, property, estate-planning, sharing expenses, and so much more.

We offer two different, couple-friendly workbook options to choose from, each tailored to meet your specific needs:

Option 1.

Our Family In Two Homes workbook is perfect for parents who are separating or divorcing while still raising their children. It’s a valuable resource that can help you navigate the process of separation and divorce and offer you a cost-effective method to help you through it. Furthermore, Beryl will guide you through the more challenging aspects of the workbook while keeping your values and priorities in mind.

Option 2.

Our Family In a Few Homes workbook is designed for spouses who are separating or divorcing and have adult children. This workbook provides specific guidance for those navigating a divorce in later life. Additionally, Beryl will assist you with the difficult parts of the workbook while making sure that she considers what matters most to you.

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Tips for a Successful Mediated Divorce

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