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Your Divorce and Your Children

Divorce does not have to be damaging to your children. When developing a parenting plan, you will want to address how you can develop a parenting plan with your ex-spouse that will be the best for you and your children.

The McNeill Family Law Practice will provide you with guidance on how to:

  • Minimize the negative emotional impact that a divorce can have on children
  • Attend to the issues relating to your children such as how you and your spouse will co-parent your children after you have separated and divorced
  • Connect you with collaboratively trained child specialists for guidance or assistance relating to issues that might impact your children during your divorce
  • Connect you with collaboratively trained divorce coaches for assistance with managing non- effective communication and other patterns that you and your spouse might have as you attempt to negotiate an amicable resolution to your divorce
  • Structure a parenting plan that is in the best interest of you and your children


Dealing with Child Custody & Access

Beryl has a special interest and focuses on providing couples with information and resources on how to insulate their children from any negative impact that a divorce can have on children. How you go about negotiating your divorce can have lifelong effects on your children. Beryl is a firm believer in providing her clients with information and resources that apply to their specific families. Every family is unique and every child is unique. There is no one size fits all piece of information that applies to every family going through a divorce. When you book a consultation with Beryl she will assess your case and provide you with specific recommendations on how you can navigate your divorce in a way that makes sense for you and your family. Yes ultimately you will need to fit your divorce into the legal terms of custody and access, but these are simply legal labels that do not touch the complicated issues that may arise when you are attempting to make a parenting plan that fits your family

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