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Committed to Resolving Family Law Matters in Collaborative Way

With a collaborative approach, Beryl McNeill aims to ease the stresses of divorce in such a way that it’s not damaging for your children and give resolution to your concerns. As a Registered Collaborative Family Law Lawyer, Beryl works with you to reduce conflict that comes with divorce and achieve a legal separation agreement in a timely and cost-effective way.

Family Law Issues to be Resolved

Child Custody & Parenting Time

Developing a parenting plan.

Child Support

Determining child support in a separation agreement.

Spousal Support

Establish spousal support costs and length of time.

Property Division

Negotiating property division without destroying it.

Talk with an Experienced Family Law & Divorce Lawyer

Beryl McNeill is an experienced family law lawyer in Calgary, Alberta. Call 587-956-9300 or message us to book a consultation.

Why a Family Law Lawyer is Important for Your Divorce

A divorce is a very stressful situation and the advice from a family law lawyer will ease the process. Beryl McNeill has over 25 years of experience of practicing law with extensive knowledge on guiding individuals through a divorce. Without the help and knowledge of a lawyer, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage because they have the Family Law knowledge and understanding of what will be productive for both parties. Not to mention, options you haven’t considered. Here at McNeill Family Law, we’re here to help you in the best way possible.

Understanding our Client’s Situation is Our Goal

We understand everyone comes from different walks of life and aim to provide divorce services that aren’t damaging. Talking with a professional family lawyer will aid conflicting matters that come with a divorce so that it’s not harmful to your children, property, and other assets.

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