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The first holiday season after divorce can feel like an emotional minefield.

The pain and conflict can be overwhelming, but there are ways to minimize it and keep children insulated from the turmoil.

In these situations, I recommend that couples create a Christmas Parenting Plan.

Here’s how to craft a plan that can work for everyone:

  1. Discuss your desires, expectations, and any concerns. If your ex-spouse’s family traditionally hosts a Christmas Eve gathering, propose that your children spend that evening with them, and you can celebrate a special Christmas breakfast.
  2. Create a holiday schedule that’s crystal clear. For example, specify the exact times for transitions, drop-offs, and pick-ups.
  3. While flexibility is vital, try to avoid last-minute changes. If, for example, a change is needed due to unforeseen circumstances, communicate promptly with your ex-spouse and ensure your children are aware of the new plan.
  4. Use messaging apps or shared calendars for efficient communication and schedule coordination. These tools streamline actions and reduce misunderstandings.
  5. Actively involve your children in planning. Encourage them to share their wishes for the holidays.

By implementing a Christmas Parenting Plan, you can minimize conflict and ensure a peaceful holiday season for your children.

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