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Beryl McNeill, a registered Collaborative Law practioner in Calgary, settles divorces through a cooperative approach. Throughout her career, she’s seen the costs of adversarial negotiations, both financial and emotional. Through a cooperative approach, she offers her clients a more efficient model that preserves personal and monetary assets during a divorce.

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Collaborative Divorce

Settle your divorce in a respectful, cooperative way without going to court.

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Divorce Mediation

Crafting unique resolutions to distinct conflicts with the assistance of a mediator.

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Lawyer Assisted Divorce

Divorce negotiation that takes place within the context of Court applications.

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Taking disputes to a court of law. If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement in terms of your matrimonial property and divorce.

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Settle your Divorce in a Respectful Way

More and more, individuals are looking to settle their divorce in a cooperative, respectively manner rather than face the high court costs that come with litigation. Collaborative Divorce is a process that reduces the negative impacts that come with a separation. Protect your assets, reduce the damages of divorce for your children, and come to a mutual agreement.

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